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Seasoned Single author Joan Barrett has navigated the tricky, exciting and challenging Mature Singles lifestyle in her own modus vivendi, as can you. Joan’s passion for SINS, Joan’s playful term for Singles INternet Dating Services and its benefits for Mature Singles inspired her to create Candyland S.I.N.S. to support current Mature dating site members, especially newbies, and not-yet members who want to know more about this Candyland of tempting treats.

In Joan’s continuing journey, one punctuated with sugary highs and fall-back lows, she has endured many disappointments and disillusionments but has always bounced back. Her experiences will ably help readers navigate the peaks, the valleys and … the inevitable curves. She has maneuvered them all and has survived to tell about some of them with a smile.

Left Suddenly Single at 62, Joan began her new life in unfamiliar territory by facing it head-on. She opened a cooking school for ‘Seasoned’ Singles called Kiss the Cook xo. She saw the need to encourage interaction in the somewhat socially marginalized Baby Boomer and Mature Singles segment of the population. This venture renewed her energy and love of life … and romance.

Joan then discovered the existence of Internet dating for Baby Boomer and Mature Singles. Her entrance into this new-to-her, exciting online dating world further invigorated her as she joined other like-minded ‘over-fifty’ Singles who were not about to roll over alone and sit out their remaining years. Candyland S.I.N.S. was written for those Singles who have chosen, as Joan did, to do the same. Life loves people who live it with passion.

As a member of online dating sites, Joan has formed innumerable friendships and been blessed with two very deep relationships that morphed into enduring connections. Her exposure to the broad range of members on Internet dating has changed her life forever. She has actively participated in online dating over a fun-filled eight plus year period, a deep enough engagement to know the game and how the game is played … and how not to be played!

Joan initially joined Internet dating with the intention to find that special one long-term relationship so many seek. At times she found it necessary after disappointing or failed attempts to connect with that exceptional match to pick herself up, dust herself off and start all over again. At other times she communicated and dated just for the sheer fun of it or to allow herself to heal, recharge and once again move forward.

Joan discovered online dating is a world of continuous life, romance, even love, and a whirlwind of activity if you know how to present and conduct yourself. This world is anything but dull; “… any new member of popular dating sites may be the one, focusing on their age groups, sexual orientations, backgrounds, and interests, such as,,,, (HER),, etc. Over 1500 sites to choose from.

Joan Barrett has never lost her fascination with Internet dating and how it functions in Singles society … particularly Baby Boomer and Mature Singles society. She has seen and experienced Internet dating sites become the mainstay for Baby Boomer and Mature Singles dating … yes, the only real game in town for their age ranges, as Mature daters generally do not hang out, prowl bars or go to Singles socials to meet potential partners.

While online dating sites have provided Joan and so many Mature Singles with abundant smiles, laughs, good times and love, she and other Matures have also been dealt their share of heartaches and tears. To experience the bad along with the good … isn’t that how we know we are still alive?

Candyland S.I.N.S. is Joan Barrett’s compilation of truthful firsthand and shared accounts of Baby Boomer and Mature Internet-dating and is an in-depth guide on how to successfully navigate it … practically and emotionally. It is based on her experiences and those of other members in the online dating community, as well as in topical and statistical resources and studies. At times light-hearted and at times bleak, but never dull, Candyland S.I.N.S. informs and entertains you. Joan will introduce you to this online dating world and in ensuing chapters keep you looking forward to what could be around the next corner for you (and her) as you all seek your later-in-life and, possibly, life’s most ebullient ‘hurrahs’!

Joan now extends her ongoing interest in Mature relationships and the online dating scene as she writes articles and TV series content on this timely worldwide pertinent subject … Matures living their later-life chapters as Singles. She shares how these online warriors cope and face challenges while savouring their remaining years, creating later-life acts worthy of a standing ovation.

Joan’s creative and writing skills have transferred her work to that of a content creator for TV series as founder of ZigDot Productions Inc. She has walked the walk on dating, cooking, business, and property stages and continues to do so with her authentic, diverse, and breakaway reality and scripted TV series. Her catalog of TV reality series with social conscience focuses on dating, cooking, business, and property shows with various series characters 8 to 80 years old from diverse backgrounds. Joan is also creator/writer of Candyland, a 28 international film festival awards-winning scripted series.

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